Penn State Lives Here

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If you’ve been anywhere near Penn State Behrend (or any Penn State campus across Pennsylvania) recently, you’ve probably noticed there is a new brand initiative — “Penn State Lives Here.”

The initiative was publicly introduced with a two-minute video during halftime of the Michigan game on Saturday, October 12, in Beaver Stadium on the University Park campus.

The theme made its appearance at Penn State Behrend yesterday:

* Ten students and the Penn State lion unfurled a twenty-foot banner that now hangs off the balcony at John M. Lilley Library.  (Thank you, Mother Nature, for providing picture-perfect outdoor-event weather!)

Penn State Lives Here_004

* Twenty lawn signs popped up all around campus.

* “Penn State Lives Here” doorhangers were hung on throughout the residence halls.


* “Penn State Lives Here” buttons, vinyl window clings and paw print cookies (delish!) were distributed at lunchtime at Bruno’s, where the campaign video was aired for students, staff, and faculty.

Clearly, Penn State lives here at Behrend.

So, what does it all mean? What is our branding message about?

Here is an explanation, from the folks who created it:

“Penn Staters are not only high academic achievers, they’re doers. They are nurtured by a culture that encourages setting lofty goals and investing the effort to achieve them. They are molded in an environment that values success, teamwork, and service to others—and graduate intent upon living purposeful, inspired lives. All universities talk about producing leaders, but ask employers where they go to find individuals who inspire others, know the value of hard work, and lead by example. They find them at Penn State.”

Excellence. Innovation. Passion. Collaboration.

These are the things that live at Penn State.

Watch the video here and see for yourself.

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Windows 8 cheat sheets


By Heather Cass
Publications & Design Coordinator, Penn State Behrend

One of the greatest things about working at a university is having access to experts in nearly anything you can think of.

Have a question about the geology of the Wintergreen Gorge? Ask Dr. Tony Foyle, associate professor of Geology. Wondering how you can build a better mousetrap? Call Dr. Robert Weissbach, associate professor of engineering. Need help identifying the strange bird you saw? Ask Dr. Margaret Voss, associate professor of biology.

You get the picture.

But the experts on campus aren’t limited to the classroom. They can be found all over campus, from The Learning Resource Center to the Academic & Career Planning Center to the Computer Center.

For instance, Carolyn Dudas, web developer/information specialist, recently compiled a list of “cheat sheets” full of helpful hints and tips for those making the transition to Windows 8.

“If you’re new to Windows 8, you may be feeling somewhat lost and experiencing frustration, especially since it is drastic change from the former operating system.  So to ease a bit of the learning curve, I’ve compiled a few resources that you might find helpful.  You can access the list here.”

I recently bought a new personal laptop that has Windows 8 on it and I have found it very challenging to adapt to. I was grateful for Carolyn’s expertise and her thoughtfulness in sharing what she found.

So now, I’m compounding that by sharing it with all of you. Pass it on.

Good luck with Windows 8 and remember:

It  is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that  survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. — Charles  Darwin

~ Heather