Behrend Reacts: What’s your favorite cellphone app?


By Steve Orbanek
Marketing Communications Specialist, Penn State Behrend

It seems like there’s an app for almost anything these days.

Need a dog whistle to train your canine? Interested in watching real-time radar for predicting storms? The App Store or Google Play has you covered.

Of course, some apps have bigger followings than others, and that’s true at Penn State Behrend.

We asked students what their favorite cellphone app is.

Ryan Kapner

Ryan Kapner, first-year student, Mechanical Engineering: “Twitter and YouTube are my gotos.”

Connor Combs

Connor Combs, first-year student, Project and Supply Chain Management: “Reddit because you get to see everything before everyone else does.”

Aubrey Marcoline

Aubrey Marcoline, first-year student, English: “I use Instagram because it’s convenient.”

Libby Marcoline

Libby Marcoline, junior, General Arts and Science: “Snapchat because it’s fun.”

Maurice Moffett

Maurice Moffatt, sophomore, Marketing: “I like the PNC app because it’s useful when I need to do my banking.”

Demond Carr

Damond Carr, junior, Psychology: “The TV remote control app is great because whenever I lose the remote, it lets me use my phone instead.”

Julie Pace

Julie Pace, first-year student, Nursing: “Instagram because it’s fun to see other people’s photos and what they like to take pictures of.”

Marissa Duvall

Marissa Duvall, first-year student, Nursing: “Instagram because it keeps me updated on my friends’ lives who don’t live close by.”

Claire Petrun

Claire Petrun, first-year student, Psychology: “I’d say Tinder because it’s fun to see who’s on it.”

Ian Duchene

Ian Duchene, first-year student, Plastics Engineering Technology: “Twitter because it’s nice to stay in touch with all my buddies at home.”

Behrend Reacts is a regular Thursday feature at the Behrend Blog that tries to get the campus pulse on a current topic, whether it’s serious or trivial. If you have a question to suggest for Behrend Reacts, please email Steve Orbanek at

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