Standout Seniors ’23: Meet Aruj Bhargava (Finance and Accounting)

 Penn State Behrend’s Class of 2023 is ready to make its mark on the world! – We’re proud of our students and all that they have learned and accomplished here at Behrend. Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to a few of our remarkable seniors who have overcome challenges, pioneered new technologies, participated in important research projects, and made their mark at Penn State Behrend.

Today, we’d like you to meet Aruj Bhargava.  


Majors: Finance and Accounting

Certificate: Financial Controllership

Hometown: El Dorado Hills, California

Scholarships: Erie Insurance Group Leader Scholarship, Discover Penn State Award, Intrieri Family Student Scholarship.

On choosing Behrend: I chose to attend Behrend because of the opportunity to dual major in two business disciplines, the small student-to-teacher ratio, the ability to receive scholarships for professional designations, and the reputation of being part of the Penn State family.

On double majoring: Dual majoring provided me with a comprehensive understanding of different facets of the business world, while the small class sizes ensured that I received personalized attention and support from my professors.

Proudest accomplishment at Behrend: One of my proudest achievements during my time at Behrend was creating a diverse network that has not only opened doors for myself, but also helped other Penn State students secure jobs and internships on Wall Street. By networking with professionals in the financial industry and connecting with like-minded students, I have been able to expand my knowledge and gain invaluable insights into the field. This network has enabled me to advance to the Superday of Goldman Sachs, the last round of intensive interviews at the bank, and has opened doors for many other students to secure prestigious positions in finance and accounting. I am particularly proud of the impact I have had on the Penn State community, helping other students to achieve their career goals and connecting them with opportunities in the industry. By cultivating a supportive and collaborative network, I believe we can collectively achieve greater success and make a positive impact in the world of finance and accounting.

Campus involvement: I am president of the Business Analytics Team and the Financial Management Association, where I have developed strong leadership and organizational skills. In addition, I have been involved as the President of the Intrieri Family Student-Managed Fund, which has given me valuable experience in managing investments and analyzing market trends. Additionally, as the Bloomberg Terminal Manager, I have honed my technical skills and developed a deep understanding of financial data analysis.

His passion: I like having a positive impact on others. Throughout my time at Behrend, I have been dedicated to helping fellow students achieve their career goals and connecting them with valuable opportunities in the finance and accounting industry. It is incredibly rewarding to see others succeed and to know that I played a role in their success. It motivates me to continue working hard.

What he’s learned: In hindsight, I realize that there is a wealth of career paths available in both finance and accounting. However, to secure a position in a top-tier firm, I now understand that it takes a significant effort to prepare for technical and behavioral interview questions and problems. I have gained a deep appreciation for the complexity and nuance of financial concepts, and I am confident in my ability to tackle these challenges. I am well-versed in the analytical and quantitative skills needed to excel in these fields, and I am excited about the opportunities they present. While I may have been initially unaware of the full scope of career options in finance and accounting, I am now dedicated to exploring these paths and finding the one that aligns with my passions and goals. I am committed to staying informed about industry trends, networking with professionals in the field, and continuously developing my skills to ensure my success.

After his graduation in May, Aruj will join HSBC Bank in Chicago as a credit analyst.

One thought on “Standout Seniors ’23: Meet Aruj Bhargava (Finance and Accounting)

  1. I’m impressed! I sent your blog to my grandson who will be an incoming freshman in the fall of 2023. He is planning a dual major in Finance and Accounting also. What a role model you have been with all your activities and leadership ability. I wish you the best in your career. Sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders. Your parents should be very proud.

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