Standout Seniors ’23: Meet Matt Rockage (Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology)

Penn State Behrend’s Class of 2023 is ready to make its mark on the world! We’re proud of our students and all that they have learned and accomplished here at Behrend. Over the next several weeks, we’ll introduce you to a few of our remarkable seniors who have overcome challenges, pioneered new technologies, participated in important research projects, and made their mark at Penn State Behrend.

Today, we’d like you to meet Matthew Rockage.


Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology

Hometown: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

On choosing Behrend: I chose Penn State Behrend for the hands-on technical experience and industry connections students can make.

On choosing his major: I chose my major because I have always liked doing software coding for custom machines, and electrical engineering helps with the small component portion of what goes into machines.

Proudest accomplishment: My proudest accomplishment at Penn State Behrend is getting involved with Industry relations and helping teach students to get more involved in industry work so that when it is their time to graduate, they are ready.

Campus involvement: I am the President of the 3D Printing Club and the Student Lab Manager/Technician/Product Developer for the James R. Meehl Innovation Commons.

What makes him unique: My unique talents include an extensive knowledge of problem-solving skills that allow me to find the best solution for how to make products, accelerate flow, and prototype in cost-effective ways.

Unplugged: People might be surprised to know that as much as I like technology, I also like getting away from it and going camping for days on end.

Top priority: My highest priority for the coming years is to continue working with Iten Industries and improve the flow for rapid prototyping for the company.


Let him out: I am passionate about outdoor activities, like mountain biking, dirt biking, camping, kayaking, skiing, and almost anything that can get me outside.

Advice for first-year students: If there is a class that you are struggling in, don’t sit around thinking it will get better. Get help from students, faculty, tutors – there are lots of people who are willing to help you. Also, stick to what you’re passionate about.

After his graduation in May, Matt will work at Iten Industries in Ohio doing rapid prototyping research and development.

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