Behrend Reacts: What is your favorite thing about fall?


By Nicole Krahe
Marketing Communication Student Assistant, Penn State Behrend

Famous for our foliage, Erie has become a mecca for autumn leaf lovers, as well as those in favor of cooler weather.

With greens quickly becoming golds, reds, and oranges, we asked Behrend students what their favorite part of the fall season is.


Lakyn Hauptman, first-year student, Liberal Arts, from Titusville: “I like the colors of the leaves and the overall feeling of change. To me, fall is about happiness, being thankful, and spending time with your family.”


Shkurte Latifi, senior, Communication, from Kosovo: “Boots! You can wear anything with them.”


Rachel Frye, first-year student, Communication, from Pittsburgh: “Definitely the clothing. It’s cold enough to wear longer sleeves but warm enough that you don’t have to bundle up completely.”


Danielle Lee, first-year student, Childhood and Early Adolescent Education, from Erie: “My favorite thing about fall is the crisp air and my birthday in October.”


Molly Beth Black, Communication, Junior, from Oil City: “The weather is typically comfortable and the leaves are gorgeous, especially here at Behrend.”


Reagan Campbell, first-year student, Division of Undergraduate Studies, from Washington, D.C: “Bigger fashion catalogs! It’s not too hot or too cold so you can get away with wearing whatever you’d like. And the changing leaves, of course.”


Brian Boyd, sophomore, Sports Medicine, from Pittsburgh: “My favorite part about fall is the trees, especially around here. The scenery is really nice.”


Dan Kozubal, sophomore, Chemical Engineering, from Saegertown: “Definitely archery season. It’s a stress relief at the end of the week to go home, get up in a stand, and shoot my bow.


Lauren Blachowski, sophomore, Biology, from Philadelphia: “I love everything about fall! My favorite part is probably pumpkin picking and just being with my family.”


Burhaan Farah, sophomore, Electrical Engineering, from the Dominican Republic: “Where I come from, the weather is always very humid and hot. It cools down a lot in fall though, from early September to late November is perfect.”

Behrend Reacts is a regular Thursday feature at the Behrend Blog that tries to get the campus pulse on a current topic, whether it’s serious or trivial. If you have a question to suggest for Behrend Reacts, please email Nicole Krahe at

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