Behrend Reacts: What advice would you give to a new Behrend student?


By Nicole Krahe
Marketing Communication Student Assistant, Penn State Behrend

The first couple weeks of college are filled with exhilaration and eagerness as new students flood campus and attend classes for the first time.

We asked returning students what advice they would offer first-year students for taking on the rest of the school year as exam dates draw nearer and weather turns colder.

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson, junior, Environmental Studies, from Kane, Pa: “Practice solid study skills. You have to put the work in to learn the material.”

Tara Campbell

Tara Campbell, sophomore, Business Management, from Cranesville, Pa: “College is a lot different from high school; you have to be disciplined and responsible for yourself.  No one is going to hold your hand through it.”

Isaac Howard

Isaac Howard, sophomore, Mechanical Engineering, from East Springfield, Pa: “Don’t procrastinate. Time management is a crucial part of being successful.”

Bridget Heller

Bridget Heller, sophomore, Nursing, from Erie, Pa: “Focus on your school work, but do not forget about the social aspect of college. This time is about learning, but also discovering who you are.”

Gracie Wiles

Gracie Wiles, sophomore, Nursing, from Clarion, Pa: “Try not to freak out and stress about all of the changes. College is a big adjustment, but remember that everything is temporary and it will all be worth it in the end. You have to keep a positive attitude.”

Nick Spurgeon

Nick Spurgeon, junior, Marketing and Psychology, from Erie, Pa: “Make as many friends as possible. It will make your time more enjoyable here, and those people will become connections later in life.”

Miko Breski

Miko Breski, sophomore, General Arts and Sciences, from Erie, Pa: “Get involved in everything you can. If you don’t, you are not taking full advantage of this time and freedom.”

Vee Butler

Vee Butler, senior, Arts Administration, from Bethel Park, Pa: “Try not to be shy, and meet everyone. When you come to college, you are a blank slate and free to be whoever you want. Use it to your benefit.”

Dalton Beatty

Dalton Beatty, junior, Accounting and Finance, from Conneaut Lake, Pa: “Get to know your professors and the faculty. They are here to help you no matter what and can help you find jobs and internships in the future.”

Mackenzie Yoho

Mackenzie Yoho, sophomore, Labor and Employment Relations, from Ellwood, Pa: “Get involved, even if it is with only one club. I’ve met some of my best friends through the clubs and organizations offered here.”

Behrend Reacts is a regular Thursday feature at the Behrend Blog that tries to get the campus pulse on a current topic, whether it’s serious or trivial. If you have a question to suggest for Behrend Reacts, please email Nicole Krahe at

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