Behrend Love Stories: The Gollick’s

By Heather Cass
Publications & Design Coordinator, Penn State Behrend



Bob and Kimberly (Cunningham) Gollick ’73

Degrees: Bob ’73, Kim ’73, both in Health and Human Development. Kim did a nutritional internship at Miami Valley Hospital; Bob went to graduate school at the University of Colorado where he earned a master’s degree in Urban Planning.

First met: Fall of 1969.

Married: 1974

Home: Denver, Colorado

Professions: Kim is president of Kimberly Gollick Associates, Inc., a nutritional consulting firm; Bob is president of Robert J. Gollick, Inc., a real estate development consulting firm. Both firms are located in Denver.

How they met, as told by Bob: I started at Behrend in the fall of 1968. The following year I helped the mom of a freshman girl carry some boxes into her daughter’s dorm room. I met her daughter on the way out of the room, her first day on campus. We started dating about four weeks later. Long story short, we’ll be married forty years this October.

Parting thoughts: “While we both finished our undergraduate degrees at University Park, if it weren’t for Behrend and a little luck on move-in day in 1969, I’d never have met the love of my life,” Bob said.

Fit for life: Kim is a runner who also enjoys yoga and ballet and she swims every day. Bob said he had to stop running, but he hikes all over Colorado and Costa Rica.

Gollick Head2 Gollick head1





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