4 last-minute gift ideas for gamers


Dr. Matthew White, lecturer in game development

By Heather Cass
Publications & Design Coordinator, Penn State Behrend

Um….this is hard to believe, but Christmas is just 6 days away. Yeah, I know, the late Thanksgiving threw us all for a loop this year. This coming weekend is your last chance to shop for the big day.

Don’t panic, we can help. We asked Dr. Matt White, lecturer in game development, to give us some last-minute, go-to gaming gift ideas.

And, yes, there is educational value to gaming (when not abused)! Read: Video Games Can Actually Be Good for Kids and Forbe’s Want to be Smarter? Play Video Games.


1. Kerbal Space Program 7-99. Excellent game about space exploration.  Fun and silly for kids, but serious enough for adults.  PC only.


2. Nintendo 3DS Zelda Bundle. 3DS and Zelda packaged together.  How could you not like this one?


3. PS4/Xbox One. No need for me to write glowing words. These systems sell themselves.


4. Minecraft.  Best PC game for children hands down.  Fosters creativity, fun, adults like it, too!

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