Ice cream, ziplines, and balloon animals. (Oh, my!) Welcome Week wrap-up and photos.

By Heather Cass
Publications & Design Coordinator, Penn State Behrend

Our newest students began arriving early last week, and we were so happy to see them that we could not stop taking photos.

Our International students were the first to arrive. We have dozens of students who traveled from all over the globe to study at Penn State Behrend. Here are a few students we found in the gaming lounge as they arrived on Monday:

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On Thursday, our first-year students who will live on campus began arriving with lots and lots and lots of boxes and bins and food and clothes and bulletin boards and computers and printers…. You get the picture.  Move-in Day story here.

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Friday morning was convocation at Junker Center where students heard from various speakers, including a moving and hilarious presentation by Dr. Pelin Bicen, asssistant professor of Marketing, whose life path was altered by a flyer nailed to a tree in Turkey  (if you missed it…don’t worry, that is a story we’re definitely going to have to tell in a future Behrend Magazine!).  We asked new students to wear their “Class of 2017” T-shirts so we could get a group photo. Look at how wonderful they all looked:

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Also at convocation, Maria Madigan Palmieri ’98, president of the Penn State Behrend Alumni Society, taught our Class of 2017 a very important Penn State lesson:

After convocation and academic meetings, the fun began. The Office of Student Activities planned a whole weekend of ice breakers, get-togethers, and meet-and-greets over ice cream, fruit smoothies and….gulp…even over Reed parking lot via zipline. Check it out:

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See…I told you we couldn’t stop taking photos! Though, we have to credit our student photographer Sarah Jelinek with the photos in the slideshow above. She’ll be out and about all semester, so …when you see her, give her a smile, then look for your photos on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So while summer offers a refreshing change of pace, the pin-drop-quiet campus (save for the hundreds of little ones taking part in College For Kids — see a slideshow of images here) gets a little too quiet sometimes. It’s nice to have lots of students filling up the parking lots, residence halls, classrooms, and chairs in the gaming lounge once again. (Heck, I don’t even mind that I have to park in the back row of the Erie lot if I leave for lunch. Yes, I’m that happy to see the students again ;-)).

I think I speak for all the faculty members and staff when I say that we’re looking forward to another great fall semester. Beautiful things are coming.  Exhibit A:

Autumn Stock Imagery_029

~ Heather

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